Free Style “The Movie” | Corbin Bleu Interview

Action-packed Motocross Movie.

Unfortunately for us enthusiasts, mainstream movies featuring motorcycles are a bit thin on the ground; and really good movies featuring motorcycles are even rarer. However, perhaps all that is about to change with the upcoming release in March 2009 of the movie ‘Free Style’.

This PG-rated family movie is a young man "coming of age" story with amateur motocross racing as the backdrop.  An entertaining story, the film tells the tale of a racer who dreams of winning the Amateur National Championships, but must also help his single mom pay the bills. Packed with tension and emotion, a hugely popular star, and motocross stunts that will wow the audience, Free Style clearly has all the likelihood of being an enormous box-office success.

The lead is played by Corbin Bleu from the very popular ‘High School Musical’ series. It’s a feel good movie targeting young adults, and contains a lot of positive ‘you can do anything’ messaging, and lots of great, realistic motocross action featuring Corbin’s ride of choice: Kawasaki’s excellent KX250F. The movie also stars young Madison Pettis [The Game Plan and Corey in the House] as his young sister, and Penelope Ann Miller [Carlito’s Way, Kindergarten Cop], as well as Sandra Echeverria [ACE NY Award: ‘Best New Face’].

Happy to help bring a positive message of motorcycling to the mainstream public, Kawasaki not only helped with the movie, but graciously arranged a day out at the Piru Motocross Center in California where Ultimate MotorCycling had a chance to spend a few minutes talking with Corbin.

InterviewCorbin Bleu

Q: Do you prefer acting in musicals or more traditional type movies?

CB: “Well, they’re completely different animals, but I grew up in theater and so of course, I really enjoy musicals. But the more traditional movies are great. I’m never afraid to learn and I love learning new things. I find that for every film there’s something new to learn.”

Q: Did you do any of your own stunts in ‘Free Style’?

CB: “Yeah, oh, yeah… certainly. It was great! Actually I did some with Randy Jones (he’s my manager too).

Q: Did you always want to be an actor?

CB: “Yes, I always knew it, as long as I can remember. But if I wasn’t an actor I’d want to be a pediatrician!”

Q: This movie also features your music?

CB: “Yes, it does. It’s my own music, I write. My second album is about to come out, it’s called ‘Speed of Light’

Q: Sorry Corbin, but I have to ask on behalf of millions of girls: Do you currently have a girlfriend?

CB: “No, I do not, I’m single”.

Q: Corbin, many thanks and good luck with ‘Free Style’

CB: “Thank you”

Directed by William Dear [Angels in the Outfield, Harry and the Hendersons], the original screenplay was written by Jeffrey Nicholson and Joshua Leibner [Danika, starring Marisa Tomei].
Free Style is a Rigel Entertainment presentation in association with Up North Entertainment.



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