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Francesco Quinn proves the apple does not fall far from the tree, as the son of screen legend Anthony Quinn brings his unique intensity to the forthcoming Quentin Tarantino-produced biker flick, "Hell Ride". Something of a hellion himself, Francesco races motocross and street bikes, is a spokesman for the Motorcycle Industry Council, travels the world making movies, and puts in over 300 miles weekly on his road and mountain bicycles. He shared his thoughts on the demon steed he commands in the film.

"I play a character named Machete, so the bike had to be muy malo," the multi-lingual Quinn quips. The Honda VTX1300 selected is a personal favorite, though he quickly points out, "As a graduate of the [MotoGP champion] Freddie Spencer and [AMA Supercross champion] Rick Johnson schools, I ride pretty much anything on two wheels."

Taking on the task of morphing the elegant cruiser into a mean machine was television and movie motorcycle custom specialist Avery Ennis. "The look is aggressive, as if a shade tree mechanic who hates chrome blacked everything out himself with spray can barbeque paint. There are three or four different shades of black in there," Quinn chuckles. "The engine covers and head covers have a hammered metal finish to emphasize that home made look, with touches like the heat stained mesh grille over the clutch cover."

Two-into-two Cobra pipes give this junkyard dog a menacing bark, and the three-lamp projector headlight from Joker Industries imparts new massiveness to the bike. If the film's protagonists saddle up on mounts as edgy as Quinn's, "Hell Ride" promises to live up to its name.






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