Suzuki Hayabusa | Twin-Turbo Phoenix

Custom Hayabusa

Google "Hayabusa custom", and 12,000 hits will be your reward. Given the well-tilled condition of that particular soil, how would you craft a revolutionary take on the Suzuki racer that would blow the mind and scorch the eyeballs of even the most jaded Custom Sportbike fiend? If you were McCoy Motorsports of Pikeville, Ky., you'd take six months, spend a quarter-of-a-million dollars and hand-build this mandible melting Suzuki Hayabusa Twin-Turbo Phoenix. (Click image to enlarge)

Picking up the gauntlet thrown down by ESPN2's "Metric Revolution" build-off series, McCoy Motorsports set out to immolate conventions. They contracted Velocity Racing to craft an astonishing 500 hp nitrous-injected, twin-turbo engine—the only sportbike mill of its kind. Gregg DesJardins hand-built both the trellis frame and the remarkable extended single-sided swingarm, which doubles as a compressed air tank for the Pingel shifter. (Click image to enlarge)

The McCoys teamed with Gator Customs and Catalyst Composites to design the "windowed" fairings and tail section that flaunt the engine and nitrous setup like a gorgeous woman in a cutout skirt. When the sun goes down, illuminated Gator Glass graphics and an LED unit ignite the Phoenix like a bolt of crimson lightning. Finished with high-tech accents such as video monitors in place of rear-view mirrors, this Phoenix chars the competition to cinders.



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