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From its 13 boutiques in the United States to those in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Bottega Veneta is recognized all over the world as an Italian luxury leather goods house devoted to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Since 1966, Bottega has been headquartered in Vicenza, Italy and has trained and employed artisans of unique, extraordinary skill, who have consistently produced articles of remarkable creativity.

Bottega's designs are also instantly recognizable worldwide—without any discernible logos—and are best known for its Intrecciato woven leather and signature animal prints in ready-to-wear, bags, luggage, home and gift items. Creative director Tomas Maier joined the company in 2001, and immediately succeeded in revitalizing the brand by infusing a contemporary styling into the timeless and sophisticated heritage that is Bottega Veneta.

Color palettes and textures of distinction, along with extraordinary craftsmanship, defines the quiet excellence of the Bottega Veneta brand. (Click image to enlarge)

This fall, an Intrecciato motorcycle jacket highlights the men's collection, as do slip-on boots made of perforated goatskin, and unconstructed bags that can be worn either over the shoulder or carried by hand. The color palette of the entire collection is definitive, with subtle nuances ranging from black to iron gray, bronze, taupe, camel and parchment. The eyewear collection, the most dynamic collaborative effort of the Safilo Group's emerging brands division, showcases a series of leather trimmed aviators and Intrecciato temples with woven leather straps for security under a helmet or around town.

Such skill, unavailable anywhere else in the world, now finds its mentor in Bottega Veneta, which is determined to foster and promote a tradition of lasting luxury by creating a leather school, free for all students, with instruction in complex leatherworking techniques, as well as traditional studies in English, computer skills and fashion history. As Maier stresses, "I hope it helps to restore the respect and allure of an artisanal tradition that is increasingly rare and precious."

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