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Motorcyclist Briefcase

Motorcyclists are creatures of shameless desire, and that is exactly what one feels encountering Zeyner’s new leather briefcase and backpack. The need for speed and style, while transporting everything from laptops to documents, is amply served by the form, function, and finish of this American designer’s Motoring Line.

The choice of materials, quality, and attention to detail are crafted to easily withstand the most critical scrutineering. Zeyner’s in-house designer is clearly a rider. These carriers are wicked enough to make a clear statement about its owner’s passion for the two-wheeled lifestyle.

Features, such as the stitching that adorns the Signature Flame Briefcase and its leather-wrapped chrome-horn handle are coupled to practical solutions. Anyone will appreciate the padded, nonslip shoulder strap and abrasion-resistant, tire-tread pattern polyurethane corner caps, when navigating heavy traffic on or off the bike.

The side protective chrome strips add that extra measure of security, with a dash of retro flair. Underneath the skin is a honeycomb structural frame with accordion pockets, a key hook, and internal straps that adjust the main compartment’s opening size. Mesh pockets add visibility and ease of access, making ownership of this briefcase compulsory. 

A welcome touch is the removable protector sleeve, which fits a 15.4-inch laptop, that can be transferred from the briefcase to the matching backpack.

Coddle your fragile laptop with Zeyner’s Signature Flame Briefcase. (Click image to enlarge)


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