2007 MV Agusta F4CC | Limited Edition Motorcycle

Claudio Castiglioni’s 100

It has been said that 20 percent of all the art ever created is in Italy. The country overflows with legendary beauty. From the spellbinding Sistine Chapel to da Vinci’s The Last Supper; from Michelangelo’s David to the Leaning Tower of Pisa; Italy stirs the imagination with its timeless creations.

For motorcyclists, Italy also conjures beauty of the two-wheel variety. The modern day artisan in this arena is MV Agusta, a concern that has created a new masterpiece. However, unlike the Mona Lisa or Michelangelo’s David—of which there is only one of each—MV has created 100 of its new creation. The stunning F4CC.

As the owner of MV, Claudio Castiglioni used his position to zealously bring a personal dream to fruition—produce a motorcycle that leaves the beholder breathless in terms of appearance, and speechless in terms of performance. Perhaps, only a venerated, ardently Italian manufacturer such as MV Agusta could put forth the audacious aspiration of building a motorcycle that is like “a beautiful woman in a little black number.” And that’s exactly what Castiglioni—whose initials deservedly comprise the machine’s moniker—drew into the design mandate in creating this rare gem of beauty and functionality.

Rightly so, Castiglioni is taking possession of the first F4CC—frame number 001—and has commissioned just 99 more to be made-to-order for elite connoisseurs of two-wheel magnificence. The rarity of units, combined with the interesting asking price of exactly €100,000, instantly ensures that yet another classic motorcycle will perpetuate MV’s inimitably storied profile. (Click image to enlarge)

The modern day Michelangelo is master designer Massimo Tamburini, who sculpted with unbridled, luxurious excess the F4CC’s striking black livery. Accented throughout with handcrafted exotic metals that unfold like contrasting brush strokes on a two-wheel canvas, the flowing lines of the MV’s exquisite carbon fiber bodywork are adorned with perfect, minimalist pinstripes that hint to its wind tunnel birth in the pursuit of ultimate speed.

The fork feet, top triple clamp, steering damper, brake and clutch reservoirs, gear shifter, brake lever, footpegs and side stand are all handmade, CC-specific components. The mesh screens over the intake ducts and radiator, as well as the classic organ pipe exhaust system, are fabricated from gorgeous super light titanium. Engineers and designers carefully shaved off precious ounces of excess from existing MV pieces and fabricated new ones from lightweight materials, from the aerospace industry–inspired fuel filler cap, to the Alcantara saddle, resulting in a tailor-made motorcycle of unequaled excellence.

However, the F4CC isn’t all blinding aesthetics. With the keys to MV’s racing department, Castiglioni made sure the machine also delivers ultimate performance. Each motor is hand-built with engineers bringing their wizardry to bear on the internals of the substantial technological, visceral health of an F4R 4-cylinder powerplant. With intricate combustion chamber modifications, hand polishing of intake ducts, crafting of lighter pistons, radically reworking the timing system and increasing throttle body size to 48mm to feed the thirstier beast, they were able to extract an astonishing 198 real horsepower. With it churning through a lightened 6-speed cassette-style racing transmission to a redline of 13,000 rpm, MV Agusta placed the F4CC’s top speed during one test run at a mind-boggling 195.6 mph; and they only stopped there because of the limiting factor of the tires.Utilizing the same chrome molybdenum trellis frame as the F4R, the CC is extremely light, yet it offers the rigidity required to handle the enormous stresses of this true Superbike. Other racing touches abound. Graced with the unique torque-limiting MV Agusta Engine Brake System, and further enhanced with a one-off mechanical slipper clutch that employs ramps and roller bearings, the F4CC also demonstrates its modern era heritage—a single-sided swingarm fabricated from magnesium decidedly accentuates the MV’s signature, distinctively exposed rear wheel.

Further proof of that racing lineage, the F4CC is emboldened with 50mm Marzocchi forks and a rear shock (built to race specs) manufactured by Sachs. Dual 310mm discs with monoblock four-piston, two-pad calipers on the front end and a single 220mm disc on the rear, all from Brembo, are a direct carryover from the race team for unequaled stopping performance. Brembo Super Light Y 17-inch forged aluminum-spoke wheels are fitted with Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pro tires. (Click image to enlarge)

Each of the 100 F4CCs comes with a specially designed Girard-Perregaux Laureato EVO3 F4CC chronograph watch (numbered to match the bike) and a Trussardi F4CC leather jacket (of which only 100 will be crafted). A platinum plate at the top of the steering column bearing its model number is affixed to each frame, and celebrated with a boxed certificate of origin.

The value of the F4CC cannot be measured merely by the sum of its mechanical parts. Like any serious work of sculpture, musical composition, or painted canvas, the value stems from the imparted heart and soul embedded, layer-after-layer, by its creators. In this regard, the F4CC is imbued with the unique passion of MV Agusta, Castiglioni and Tamburini, under the caring, meticulous hands of devoted craftsmen in Rimini, Italy. The final piece is more than a mere vehicle of transportation; it embodies the priceless essence of romance that lies at the very core of motorcycling.


4-cylinder, 16-valve, liquid-cooled 1078cc 6-speed cassette-type transmission with slipper clutch
198 hp at 12, 200 rpm
Front: 50mm upside-down Marzzochi forks
Rear: Progressive linkage with Sachs mono shock
412.6 pounds
Front: Brembo Racing dual floating 320mm discs with 4-piston calipers
Rear: Brembo Racing single 220mm disc with 4-piston caliper
Brembo 17” forged aluminum Super Light “Y” spoke



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