Paved Aspirations

It is reassuring to know that there are people with vision, and capable of implementing those dreams. Specifically, a person with the ability to do what all avid motorsports enthusiasts aspire to do at some point—build your own racetrack. In this case, the man is entrepreneur Larry Miller and the track is Miller Motorsports Park, located 30 minutes west of Salt Lake City, Utah. The facility has garnered international interest as a state-of-the-art circuit.

Legendary track designer Alan Wilson was brought in to create the dynamic, challenging, and spectator-friendly circuit. Being recognized as the safest circuit in the United States, it is specifically designed for overtaking, with immense run-off areas for errant vehicles. Wilson calculated the undulating circuit to challenge—forcing riders to study and analyze its deceptive layout in order to achieve speed and fluidity. The apt pupil is rewarded with a sinuous, seamless ballet of adrenaline.

In addition to the highly configurable main course, there are fully equipped garages, a hospitality center and a media center. Also, a supermoto track doubles as a kart track., 801.563.4250


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