Featherlite SURV 7349 | Achievement in Design

Like a geode that hides a surprisingly impressive core, the externally unassuming Featherlite SURV 7349 trailer conceals an ingeniously designed interior. The vented rear storage area holds your bikes in place, while the spacious midship living quarters feature a 6.3 cu ft refrigerator, sink, two-burner stove and optional exterior portable gear for mobile epicureans.

Interior décor is available in a choice of four themes, with plentiful fabric options and accessory possi-bilities, lending the living space—which includes a dinette, bathroom, and shower—an element of personalization. Literally topping off the gooseneck portion of the trailer is a queen-size bed.



Available in 24, 28, or 32-foot base lengths, the Featherlite combines an engineered wood floor with an impressive interior height of seven feet. The Featherlite SURV 7349 distinguishes itself with civilized functionality, earning a well-deserved Achievement in Design award.


Tie-downs might appear to be a mature product impervious to design improvements, but Rite Tie disputes that perception. American-made, Rite Tie’s 1.5-inch tiedowns are rated for 5,000 lbs each, and have an integrated soft tie. Highly customizable, they can be had in over 150 color combinations and custom printing is available.






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