2007 Lightning Super TT XB12STT | ShowCase

Twenty-three years after Buell sold its first motorcycle—the single-purpose Formula One RW750 two-stroke road-racer—the 100,000th bike has rolled off its East Troy, Wis., assembly line. In contrast to the RW750, the milestone bike was the do-it-all Ulysses XB12X adventure bike. Buell has also announced the release of a new model, the Lightning Super TT XB12STT. Inspired by supermoto racing, the Super TT's aggressive persona includes wide handlebars, a solo seat, frame pucks, a headlight grille, triple number plates, hand guards, and fork protectors, resulting in a bike that Buell demurely calls a “defiant urban assault machine.” Keep an eye out for a test of the latest Buell motorcycle on our website.






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