2007 Aprilia – Husqvarna – KTM | Achievement in Design

With motocrossers’ designs in a maturation phase, the big changes in the dirt are happening off the closed courses. These three bikes reflect that reality.

First we have the KTM 950 Adventure.
Weighing in at 436 lbs without fuel, and lacking any extraneous motor parts that exist as the pleasure of nature’s worst, the KTM 950 Adventure is the rare bike that can span continents without a thought either way about pavement. Hugely successful in rally competition, the V-twin 950 Adventure’s design translates to civilian riding, with many accessories that allow the rider to tailor the motorcycle to his own purposes.














Aprilia RXV. (Click image to enlarge)

After years of teasing, Aprilia finally put its long-previewed off-road motor into for-sale motorcycles. The RXV 4.5 and 5.5 break the convention of vertical singles, with a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, four-valves-per-cylinder, 77-degree V-twin powerplant. Not only does the RXV look spectacular, the bike is hugely successful when the motor is given room to stretch its legs. Off-roading will never be the same after this revolutionary machine.





Husqvarna 610 SM. Photo by Kevin Wing. (Click image to enlarge)

Many street-legal so-called supermoto bikes are supermoto in appearance only. The Husqvarna 610 SM is the real deal, only slightly modified for street legality. Excellent handling and suspension await the uncorking of the motor powering this immensely fun bike.