Trans-Atlantic Alliance

When triumph launched its update of the classic late-’60s Bonneville in the autumn of 2000, it met with receptive audiences on both sides of the pond. While the re-imagined Bonneville satisfied nostalgic Anglophiles, who pined for the halcyon days of the T-120, the retro-heritage styling wasn’t for everyone. Mindful of the American appetite for cruisers, in 2002, Triumph went Yankee and rolled out the Bonneville America. In contrast to its predecessor’s purely English pedigree, the America speaks with a pronounced mid-Atlantic accent. The 790cc parallel Twin and distinctive Triumph gas tank are staples of the classic Brit bike, while fattened forks, an elongated wheelbase and feet forward riding position flatten the vowels and give the America its highway twang.

Southern California Triumph offers a look at this 2002 Triumph America Custom, which takes the trans-Atlantic theme to heart, and features a Union Jack on one side of the tank and the American Standard on the other. The custom America features chrome cam and side covers, all straight from the Triumph catalog. A Speedmaster touring seat and bars beef up the cruiser look and feel, while Bub slip-on pipes sound a throaty, aggressive note. The Triumph America combines the best British tradition with American highway attitude, in a bike that would have had Churchill and FDR fighting over the starter key. | 714.256.6700


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