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In the right/wrong circumstances, a motorcycle helmet can be the gift of life. No matter what kind of motorcycle riding you prefer, we believe a helmet is an indispensable piece of your riding ensemble. 

Low speed riding can be used by cruisers to justify a less-protective helmet that focuses on a lifestyle appearance. The minimalist Bell Drifter retains its DOT approval, and has detail features we appreciate—a rear goggle strap stay, optional ear pads for cold weather riding, and great styling.

We can't really imagine someone riding a sport bike without proper head protection, so it is just a matter of selecting the right helmet. Fit, of course, is as personal as the shape of your head, but we have found the Shoei RF-1000 to be well suited for a wide variety of skull contours. Meeting Snell M2005 standards, the RF-1000 reflects a concern for safety, as well as styling and performance. Your ears also experience the helmet's quality, as a unique visor design reduces wind noise at high speeds. Effective adjustable venting makes the RF-1000 an all-season helmet.

Off-road riding has a unique set of standards for a superb helmet. As the rider is constantly in motion due to changing terrain, a lightweight helmet is crucial to reduce fatigue. The HJC AC-X3 Carbon taps carbon fiber as a shell material and is Snell M-2005 approved. The AquaTrans liner can be removed and laundered after dirt and sweat makes their inevitable presense known.

The Schuberth C2 is designed to meets the specific needs of the touring rider. The locking flip-up chin guard allows the rider to transform the helmet for optimum performance at rest or in motion. As touring often means the transversing of multiple microclimates in a single ride, the C2 is also efficiently vented when circumstances warrant, and a retractable visor can be moved into place when the sun nears the horizon. Aeroacoustic wind tunnel testing assisted Schuberth in reducing interior sound levels for a less-fatiguing, long-distance ride.




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