Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) | Motorcycle Event

Possessing a love for all things Italian, there is an indulgence the true Ducatisti will want to work into their next trips to Italy. Imagine the adrenaline rush of dashing a Ducati around one of Italy's premiere racing circuits. This unique, indelible thrill comes courtesy of the Ducati Riding Experience, the legendary marque's exclusive rider training program.

The Ducati Riding Experience is a motorcyclist's dream, brimming with the same passion and commitment Ducati imbues into their machines, placing as much emphasis on creating an enjoyable environment and camaraderie among participants, as it does on the curriculum. From men's and women's basic courses for first-timers, through Intermediate, Racing and up to Master Racing level courses, everyone in your party will find a class to suit them, with prices ranging from €225 to €999. Naturally, the program uses Ducati motorcycles exclusively. (Click image to enlarge)

To round out this perfect Italian motorcycle enthusiast's holiday, visit Bologna, home to the Ducati factory and the famous museum, with its historical collection of championship-winning motorcycles and compelling memorabilia.

In the unlikely event that any additional incentive is required, the 2007 Ducati Riding Experience schedule will include dates at the legendary Mugello circuit in Tuscany.





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