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For many, riding a motorcycle is all about flying solo. On the odd occasion, however, one might need to phone ahead for dinner reservations or receive an important business call. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, Cardo Wireless has created the Scala-Rider, a hands-free communication device designed specifically with motorcyclists in mind, making it unnecessary to interrupt your ride to pull over on a dangerous shoulder.

The Scala-Rider communicates wirelessly with your cell phone via Bluetooth technology. (Click image to enlarge)

Requiring only the supplied Allen wrench and less than five minutes to install, the Scala-Rider integrates easily with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. A compact and light wedge-shaped weather resistant battery pack simply fastens to the outside of a helmet. We were happy to discover that the wafer-thin speaker fit into our Shoei J-Wing without the aid of screws or glue. Advanced electronic components allow us to make, receive or reject calls by voice commands, for hands-free operation. At speeds of up to 70 mph the Scala-Rider's wind-resistant microphone provides relatively clear speech audio, while the implanted sensor is based around ambient noise and adjusts the earpiece volume level adequately enough to hold a conversation. Battery life is a healthy seven hours before recharging is required.

The Scala-Rider easily slips on and off. Also, if you have your Betty on the back, two units can be Bluetooth linked to each other for an effective wireless intercom, however it must be noted that the cell phone link is then disabled. Although you may question the need for yet more cell phone intrusion into your life, this device works well and is useful.



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