Eyewear: The Eyes Have Him

Tom Ford, a former student of interior architecture at New York's Parsons School of Design, and former creative director of the legendary houses of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, has continued to ride the wave to iconic status as the definitive agent provocateur of the fashion world. Last year, Ford presented his first solo venture—a handmade luxury eyewear collection produced and distributed by the Marcolin group.

Tom Ford's latest eyewear collection recalls old Hollywood. (Click image to enlarge)

As serious motorcyclists assert that it is primarily the fit, and then the look, of the glasses that steers their selections. Ford's collection speaks for itself, especially when sport wraps are discussed. Exaggerated old Hollywood shapes hinting of Brando and Dean mix with new variations on the aviator and sport wrap sunglasses, but with side shields for maximum protection, give the collection an entirely new and unusual look. New plastics were created exclusively for the collection, with brown, wine and aubergine gradient tints as well as silver lacquer used on the lenses to create a sensual, yet provocative feeling.

Although this was the first of a series of ventures Ford has in process, which include a fragrance deal with Estée Lauder and an upcoming menswear collection, it was to be a milestone for the eyewear industry: the first time such a bold move had been made by a fashion designer on his own. As summarized by Maurizio Marcolin, “Knowing what he has done, and considering that this is his first venture on his own, it has caused the focus to be shifted onto eyewear, and has caused people to look deeper into it.” 

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