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Ermenegildo Zegna, Italy’s foremost tailor and entrepreneur, started his men’s clothing business in 1910 in the town of Trivero. He committed to quality and service by selecting the finest materials from all over the world, and employing diligent production and promotion processes. His made-to-measure suits were among the most exclusive and the most expensive of their time. The Zegna family carried on his passion after his passing in 1966, and subsequently brought the company into the ready-to-wear market. Today, Zegna still rules, cranking out over 2 million meters of fabric, 500,000 sleeve units, 1.5 million sportswear items, and over 1.7 million accessories per year.

There is an undeniable impression given by the Zegna man riding moto through the streets of Milan, Rome or Naples, sharing the similar attraction to design, performance and inherent value that has become the trademark of the true motorcycle aficionado. The Zegna Sport and Z Zegna diffusion lines now complement the lifestyle with leather and suede ankle boots with grip soles to balance active and leisure activities, and Ducati has recently designed a limited edition men’s fragrance bottle for the company. Ultimate highway aviator sunglasses with leather cross-bridges and temples in four colors, are now produced for Zegna by DeRigo, and available in North America through Viva International.

Zegna’s Luxe Functionality collection is designed for the discriminating rider. (Click image to enlarge)

The Zegna Fall/Winter collection offers some of the most distinctive limited production pieces available, such as a belted alligator jacket with mink lining, and shoes to match. Jeans, pullovers with suede piping and a unique combination of merino wool, mohair and cashmere sweaters offer more lightweight, breathable options.

Other Zegna passions not to be missed are the Zegna Games in Florence to benefit muscular dystrophy research, and a ride down the Zegna Panoramic Road to Oasi Zegna, a reforested alpine preserve overlooking Trivero that was financed by Ermenegildo Zegna himself. | 888-880-3462 | 800-345-8482


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