Viva does Harley-Davidson Eyewear

Motorcycle Sunglasses

Harley-Davidson, that inimitable icon of Americana, has once again succeeded in bringing dreams to life through the experience of motorcycling and the irresistible Harley lifestyle.

For over 100 years, the brand has garnered a strength so powerful that it now encompasses the essence of an entire culture loyal to the pursuit of adventure, freedom and exploration.

In 1995, the Viva International Group acquired a license to produce and distribute Harley-Davidson eyewear worldwide.

After years spent at the motorcycle rallies of Laughlin, Daytona, Myrtle Beach and others, and by communicating with Harley riders, listening to their needs and sharing that feedback with the dealerships, their collection now features over 50 styles of performance eyewear.

The goal is to maintain the product’s safety feature—keeping wind and debris out of the eyes without the need for bulky internal foam.

The result is a functional, sporty and stylish collection of wraps and new metals with temple treatments incorporating the HD script, shield or flame logo, as well as impact and scratch resistant poly-carbonate lenses with UV 400 protection in five different colors including yellow, orange and clear for cloudy days and night riding.

“We focused on combining function and fashion,” says Viva’s Lynn Kelley, whose sales force services nearly 1,000 Harley dealerships in the US and Canada. “The response has been excellent.” The collection is available exclusively through authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships worldwide.