Sony PlayStation 2 – Tourist Trophy | Show Case

Remember the PlayStation 2 you bought for the kids? Well, if you’re a motorcycle racing enthusiast—whether actively or from the sidelines—you may need to make a deal with them to indulge in a little game time of your own. Sony Computer Entertainment’s new Tourist Trophy is a motorcycle racing game of unprecedented authenticity that is also quite the guilty pleasure.

The critically acclaimed development team at Polyphony Digital—developers of the best-selling auto racing simulator series, Gran Turismo, with more than 45 million units sold—culls their acumen for life-like graphics into Tourist Trophy. Players can choose from over 100 current model motorcycles and more than 35 prominent international racing venues to compete on. The circuits are reproduced in accurate scale right down to elevation changes, signage, and track markings. (Click images to enlarge)

Tourist Trophy offers one- or two-players games, with a choice of two difficulty levels—Arcade Mode (for a single race) or Challenge Mode (where players compete in a career of full racing series). Players can personalize their rider with a choice of helmets and leathers, and the customization extends to riding style and body positioning, which affects the handling and response of the motorcycle in game play.

Buy Tourist Trophy for the kids, then see if you can beat them.




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