Suzuki GSX-R1000

Everyone knows that, out of the box, Suzuki’s racetrack-dominant GSX-R1000 is a highly competent road machine. However, the rarified atmosphere of superbike racing, at both the National and World levels, has proven that a modicum of changes can turn an excellent machine into something truly extraordinary, especially if you intend to use it on the track. Power is something that the big Suzuki does not lack and, therefore, with this project bike, we first turned our attention to improving handling and rideability. A track day with Ti2TT ( proved our efforts justified, as the big Gixxer is now conspicuously improved in its ability to turn in, hold a tight line, and still remain unruffled in the big sweepers.

BPD offers the K-Tech Suspension 20SSK front fork valving system that enables a wider range of rebound and compression damping adjustment and gives better feedback from the front and ultimately more control.

BPD’s Quick Shift-4 electronic pressure switch detects gear lever load and then momentarily kills the coils’ power, unloading the transmission and thereby ensuring smooth full-throttle up-shifts. (Click image to enlarge)

BPD’s suspension linkage changes the geometry at the rear and enables the Ohlins shock to work more effectively. This is the identical combination found on the winning AMA Superbike team machines.

The best ideas are the simple ones! The Cycle Cat UCS1 takes the machine from sidestand on to the rearstand in one fluid motion, eliminating any risk of the machine falling during transition.

Don’t be fooled by the modest pricing of MotoGP’s one-piece suits. As a recent on-track tumble with the kangaroo-hide version proved, the suit is extremely well-made and did not wear through or tear at any contact point. Sizing is perfect and the fit is immediately comfortable, without needing the usual break-in before feeling unrestrictive.

Suomy Spec-1R helmet, at 1250 grams, is the lightest approved for racing. The only premium helmet certified to BSI standards, it delivers maximum protection without being too stiff or heavy.

Sidi’s Vertigo Corsa fully adjustable boots are immediately comfortable and flexible, yet supportive and protective.

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