Modern Motorities

After taking over the family accessories business catering to London’s horse-and-carriage set in 1893, Alfred Dunhill’s vision began to embrace the advent of the motoring industry. Sensing needs instead of trends, his Motorities collections began with essentials for riding in open motorcars and on motorcycles—helmets, goggles, rear-view mirrors, horns, dashboard clocks, and motoring attire. By the time Dunhill opened separate men’s and women’s boutiques in London’s posh Mayfair district, he had established a reputation for his stores as the place to go when one was searching for something new.

Alfred Dunhill’s Motorities collection runs the gamut of motorcycling essentials. (Click image to enlarge)

Today, under the direction of the Richemont Group, Alfred Dunhill’s vision continues to supply luxury fashions and accessories, especially  for motorcycle enthusiasts, in the boutiques of New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, and in specialty retail stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Les Galleries Lafayette. The Motorities collection has been relaunched, featuring leather and canvas cycling bags that fasten around the waist, motorcycle pants with zippers on the back and down the legs, leather and suede driving gloves, Egli Vincent printed silk scarves, leather jackets with contrasting racing stripes designed by Nick Ashley, helmet bags, and panoramic sunglasses trimmed in kidskin.

The eyewear collection, designed by Allison in collaboration with Richemont art director Giampiero Bodino, draws upon the rich motorcycling heritage of Alfred Dunhill and the goggle shapes of the Motorities archives. The lenses are distinctly rounded with Havana tints and special filters for various sporting conditions, set into unique combinations of aluminum, titanium, and acetate that are designed to perfectly fit the contours of the face. “He was an innovator,” explains Allison industry veteran Gabi Navon. “He created classics of style and functionality, and in that regard the collection is true to his vision.” | 800.776.4053 | 877.255.5757


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