Into Thin Air

The North Face, athlete-tested equipment and apparel for men and women of adventure for over 35 years, now emerges as a leading force in the sport eyewear market with its new Eyequipment collection. Designed and produced by Marcolin to meet the needs of the most demanding sports people, Thin Air technology uses new and exclusive technical and design features for the most challenging activities of skiing, motorcycling, climbing, and running.

Thin Air features lenses for three different light conditions. (Click image to enlarge)

Thin Air is available in a travel pack that includes three different interchangeable polycarbonate lenses—Spectra 5 for high light absorption, Spectra 10 for constant light absorption, and Spectra 20 for low light—all of which can be changed without actually touching the face of the lenses, to avoid scratching and soiling. Streamlined vents allow air to pass through the top and bottom of the lenses and to be deflected by a peripheral flap that prevents misting and fogging. A soft foam protection shield surrounds the inner frame to assure complete insulation from wind and light, and is available in both winter and foamless summer versions. Other features include an adjustable 3D rubber nosepiece and a headband integrated into an anatomically correct temple for maximum comfort and stability.

“Never stop exploring” is The North Face credo. For those requiring corrective lenses, Thin Air offers a special inner clip-on frame specifically designed to hold a rider’s prescription.

Thin Air is available polarized in red or black; anti-fog options come in black, red, or ultra-steel. | 866.715.3223 | 800.537.9265


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