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Have you ever been riding on a remote motorcycle road and thought to yourself, “If I got into trouble here, I’d never be found”? Motorcyclists often stray from the beaten path, in search of the perfect road that speaks directly to the soul. The detours, however, can sometimes lead to tragic results.

That’s where the Breitling Emergency and Emergency Mission watches come in handy. Originally designed for pilots, these watches have built-in microtransmitters and antennas that transmit on the international aviation distress frequency (121.MHz). Rescuers can then home in on this signal (although a general region needs to be established) to find the pilot, mountain climber or even motorcyclist. As of this year, 19 people have been rescued thanks to the Breitling Emergency watch.

Emergency (Right) and Emergency Mission (Below).

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Although introduced in 1999, the first Emergency watches were originally supplied only to pilots, until the technology became widely available to consumers in 2001. The recently introduced Emergency Mission represents a cosmetically redone version of the Emergency with more refined styling and a COSC-certified analog chronograph.

If you, as the wearer, encounter trouble in a remote area, and nobody knows where you are, the watches won’t do you much good, because rescue workers have to know where to look for the signal in order to find you. If you inform people of your route and come up missing, however, there is an excellent chance you’ll be found with the help of these Breitling watches.

Purchasers of either watch are required to sign a waiver that states they will only activate the microtransmitter in the event of a true emergency. A hefty fine will result if the transmitter is misused.


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