Form Meets Function

Ordinarily, a porsche design watch appeals to people whose taste for clean and functional European design spills over from their bikes down to their personal effects. The latest model from the company, however, is an entirely different animal. The Indicator, as it is called, is an interesting piece of mechanical engineering.

The Indicator is meant, simply, to be a highly legible chronograph. Unlike the multitudes of other chronographs that read out elapsed time on tiny little dials, the Indicator possesses a crisp digital display that can be read at speed. This function would be easy enough to create with electronics, but the company chose to accomplish the task with a mechanical movement to be consistent with the spirit of fine watchmaking. (Click image to enlarge)

The mechanism for the Indicator is based on the widely used and highly reliable Valjoux 7750 movement, but this is all that the Indicator has in common with other chronographs. Porsche Design has heavily modified the movement in order to drive the digital display, which is made up of precisely rotating disks showing the passing hours and minutes.

Like other Porsche Design watches, the titanium-cased Indicator is a modern looking timepiece with a very technical flavor. Porsche itself, of course, is not a motorcycle manufacturer, but even without a direct connection to our sport, the road-oriented design and the imaginative mechanics behind the Indicator make this timepiece a practical travel companion, as well as a looker for anyone who appreciates fine machinery. | 800.521.5152


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