Private Preview 2006: What’s Not to Like?

This year Kawasaki rolls out its most powerful motorcycle ever: the sleek Ninja ZX-14. Typical of the company’s philosophy, its engineers sought to combine the most extreme elements of today’s motorcycle technologies while still providing a package that is both accessible and practical. According to Kawasaki, the ZX-14 will deliver an exceptional blend of power and comfortable ergonomics, a bike that keeps the brand’s rebel spirit without being intimidating to ride. Particularly impressive is the engine’s responsiveness above 6,000 rpm. A secondary balancer calms uncomfortable vibrations, and a direct-actuation shift lever is lighter than conventional linkage-type set-ups and offers a more direct feel. The lightweight frame enhances the bike’s compact package. Who could resist such a bike that accelerates effortlessly, and handles with complete assurance? (Click image to enlarge) 800.661. Ride