Private Preview 2006: Too much ain’t enough!

ECOSSE’s two new models—the X-4 and X-5—are even racier than their Heretic brethren. Though sharing massive American V-twin torque in common with the Heretics, the new bikes feature unique styling and more aggressive riding positions. The X-4 recreates the great KR759 Road Racer with bad-ass 1960s attitude and state-of-the-art ECOSSE engineering. The X-5, meanwhile, is a radical 21st century transfiguration of the X-4 that possesses an innovative suspension with trick fork design and a proprietary 7-speed transmission. “These new models are even closer than the Heretics to the original definition of café racer,” explains ECOSSE designer Don Atchison. “Unlike today’s supersport bikes that offer very little thrill at legal speeds, the X-4 and X-5 deliver enormous torque, pure excitement, and exhilaration—at any speed.”

The ECOSSE Heretic is now available in two additional versions.

ECOSSE is also keeping busy with two new limited-edition series in its Heretic range, which will be limited to 100 instances. A total production of 100 will include the Ti Series with chassis constructed entirely from titanium, and a less expensive variant that delivers the same American brawn in a pared-down package.


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