Private Preview 2006: Roll Out the Barrel

The new La Perfecta brand is a cooperative effort between Apollonia and Manuel Quesada. Comprising three blends, each of La Perfecta’s cigars features a unique flavor and character. Golden in color and silky to the touch, the Connecticut produces the familiar creamy and smooth smoke that made its Connecticut Shade wrappers famous. The Cameroon offers a richness reminiscent of great Havanas: earthy and spicy flavors with an underlying sweetness. More limited in production, the Puro Dominicano uses a native Dominican tobacco called Olor. It is full-bodied in character, and each puff provides spicy, leathery, and roasted flavors.

And why settle for a bottle when you can buy a barrel? Years ago, the Jack Daniel’s Distillery set aside a limited number of barrels of the Tennessee whiskey for personal ownership. The reaction was beyond their expectations and the requests poured in. The popularity can only be explained by the fact that each bottle of Single Barrel is unique, not to mention delicious. Over time, the pores of the oak barrels open up, allowing whiskey to seep in. Then the grain contracts, forcing the whiskey from the wood. Passing in and out the charred oak interior of the barrel, it is imbued with caramelized sugars and the subtle flavors that give Jack Daniel’s its distinctive taste. Bottled exclusively for you, each barrel yields around 240 bottles of whiskey and bears a special label with the barrel number and bottling date. Barrel prices range from $8,400 to $9,600. (Click image to enlarge)

La Perfecta | | 888.551. JACK


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