Private Preview 2006: Gentle Giant

Boss Hoss Cycles is creating a stir with the sleek BHC-3 502, named for the displacement of its powerful General Motors big-block engine. The BHC-3 502 produces an astounding 502 hp and 567 ft lbs of torque. You might think that all this power would make it awkward to ride, but the BHC-3 502’s low center of gravity provides exceptional balance and maneuvering capabilities. “Once anyone takes a ride, they realize that the clutch-free Boss Hoss handles and maneuvers as well as most bikes half its size,” says says Rad Hunsley, the company’s COO.

The bike’s upturned telescoping front end and dual rear coil-over shocks smooth the rider’s journey, and race-inspired weight distribution means every ounce of the BHC-3 502 works together to improve handling. You might never realize that you are driving a half-ton machine. The two-speed, semi-automatic transmission with a real reverse makes riding this 1,300-pound bike a cinch—first gear will take you all the way to 100 mph; you can regard second as overdrive. And with an 8.5-gallon fuel tank, 502 riders can cruise for approximately 130 uninterrupted miles. Fill’er up and go! | 731.286.4915


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