Pack of Wolves

The name Lone Wolf conjures an image of a solitary man, one who prefers to make life's journey apart from the pack. However—much like a ride along the 2,488 miles of historic Route 66 or touring California's twisting coastal Highway One—this premium smoke is best enjoyed in fellowship.
Actors James Belushi and Chuck Norris founded the Lone Wolf Cigar Co. in 1996 to develop a variety of premium cigars celebrating the ideals of individuality. Lone Wolf's proprietary line now includes the perfectly shaped Signature Select, a blond-colored Dominican blend offering complex sweet and savory flavors, with an overall medium intensity. Also popular is the easy-to-smoke Lobo Fuerte, a rich and smooth combination of puro tobaccos from Nicaragua, specially selected and tightly hand-rolled, with chocolaty-rich wrappers. Lobo Fuerte comes in five sizes, each a fulfilling smoking experience. Sungrown and Wolfpack, though not as remarkably flavorful as Signature Select or Lobo Fuerte, nevertheless demonstrate Lone Wolf's focus on blending tobaccos for enjoyable cigars that should be shared among friends. $89 to $199 per box.


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