Turning a New Leaf

It can be difficult to resist a comfort zone of the familiar when choosing a cigar. Major players in the world of premium cigars earn loyalty with consistency and quality, but by sticking to your favorite, you might miss out on new cigars that embrace standard techniques and characteristics while broadening the spectrum of the experience.
Take Camacho’s Corojo line comprising seven shapes, with an additional three shapes in more limited production. Made with tobacco grown on Camacho’s own farms in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras, there is an earthiness to the full-bodied smoke, rounded out with hints of spice and leather.

Joya de Nicaragua has experienced a rebirth over the last few years with the release of its Antaño. The flavors—coffee, cocoa, and chocolate, along with traces of cedar and licorice—combine classic Nicaraguan characteristics. The new Celebracion smokes with a bit more finesse and forgiveness. 

La Flor Dominicana celebrates its 10th anniversary with the LG Diez. Litto Gomez has joined the rarified ranks of cigar makers to successfully grow a Dominican wrapper to finish off this Dominican puro. The cigar smokes spicy yet balanced, with tones of cinnamon, pepper, and earth obvious throughout. The flavor and strength build cautiously—but consistently—throughout the smoke and beg you to relish every last puff.



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